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About Us

Chinese Christian Love and Unity Club, CCLUC, is an inter-church nonprofit organization that helps churches to serve the singles community by gathering the best resources in God's kingdom, to provide a wholesome platform for single Christians and seekers to connect.

CCLUC’s Vision:

• To empower Christians to fulfill God’s design for marriage and Christ-centered families. (Gen. 2:18, 24; Eph. 5:31-33)

• To assure Christians and seekers of God’s love regardless of their marital status, and lead an abundant life in their season of singleness. (Rom. 8:35; Jn 10:10)

Rev. Kuo-Liang Lin,Ph.D.

Dr. Wei Jen Huang 

Board and Advisors

Rev. Kuo-Liang Lin,Ph.D.:President of LOGOS Evangelical Seminary, Professor of Family Ministry.

Dr. Wei Jen Huang : Internationally renowned clinical psychologist, Northwestern University Medical School professor, 2013 recipient of Advancement of Cultural Sensitivity and Competency Award from the American Association of Christian Counselors, world renowned marriage expert known as “Dr. Love.”


Ms. Deanna Go : Director of the Chinese division of Focus on the Family.

Dr. Amy Lin: Associate Professor of Counseling  of LOGOS Evangelical Seminary


Rev. Patrick Auyeung: Executive Pastor

Ms. Sue ping Kong: President of CCLUC

Rev. Thomas Wang : Founder of GCCI

Rev. David Poon : Senior Pastor

Rev. Phillip Hsu : Pastor

Rev. Andy Ching : Pastor

Ms. Deanna Go

Dr. Amy Lin

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