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5th Inter- Church Christian Singles Retreat Speakers’ Testimony Sharing

Speakers: Pastor Benjamin Chen & Mrs. Sharon Chen

This year my wife & I had the honor to be invited to speak at the Christian Single Retreat hosted by CCLUC in the Bay Area. Since this was our first time joining a retreat specifically for this purpose, to be honest, we were wondering “who / what type of people” will come? But it turned out the answer to our question could only be described as serendipitous – a pleasant surprise!

The brothers and sisters who joined this retreat were all with great quality –physically, socially, and spiritually, they were all way more than just “presentable.” Everyone was very humble – very receptive and responsive to the message. And everyone treated all the program and activity very seriously as they all were willing to put in full-effort even for just skits. Moreover, everyone was willing to be transparent & genuine during the small group discussion time. I believe whether they found someone special here, at least they gained great friendship and learned something valuable here!

Hope CCLUC will host this type of event in Southern California to bless the churches here, too!


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